High Five for Friday!

It’s Friday! That means that today is the last day of my week-long international tax training. Woohoo! Don’t get me wrong…I’ve learned a lot and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here; armed with all this new knowledge, I know that I’ll be a more valuable asset to our department. But oh my goodness […]

Seattle: Friday (SAM and the Ferry)

On Friday morning, we checked out of our hotel, got some breakfast at Starbucks, and headed to the Seattle Art Museum. The museum was really impressive and we enjoyed it a lot. I think Matt and I agreed that modern art is not our favorite, so it was nice to be able to spend more […]

Seattle: Thursday

In case you missed it, I gave a recap of our first two days in Seattle here. Our Thursday started off just like our Wednesday – Matt got up and went to his meetings while I went to a coffee shop with WiFi to work remotely. First, I went to Caffee Migliore, which I really […]

Seattle: Tuesday and Wednesday

Hey guys! I wanted to share a little bit about our trip to Seattle since we’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to put together the project-related posts that I want to do. Matt’s group at work does a lot of business with an incredible tech company (Golden Guru) based out of Seattle; […]

High Five for Friday!

After a wonderful, lazy 4th of July, it was weird and slightly depressing to be back in the office, but at least it’s Friday! Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve been up to the last week or so…. 1. Trixie has been to “the water” (a creek that run besides the Greenway near our place) […]

Finally Friday!

This has been a long week! Has it been rough for everyone else? I’m so thankful that it is finally the weekend! Here are the 5 things that I’m most thankful for today: 1. That Matt was waiting for me when I got home! We had our 10 month anniversary this week. I’m so very […]

Gift Wrap Storage – Part 3

OK, so when I left off the “Part 2” post, the gift bags were being moved to the attic. When I started moving the bags, I realized that one hook wasn’t enough, so I put a second hook in another wood beam.   I still had tissue paper and a few squares of folded wrapping […]

Gift Wrap Storage – Part 2

OK, so when I ended the first post on this gift wrap area, I had marked on the door where the screws holding up the rails should go. The next day, I used wood screws to hang the rails. Since the doors are hollow, I didn’t need to drill – I just tapped a small […]

Gift Wrap Storage – Part 1

Before Matt moved in, I didn’t use the office downstairs very much. I knew that we needed to redo this room to make it more functional, and Matt was eager to make the office feel more like his own! As we set out to update the office, I wanted to get all of my stuff […]

Death to Perfection

Is it possibly to temporarily quit? More than an intentional pause, I let myself quit. I let myself get away with not trying. To keep it brief, I let perfectionism get in the way. I wanted so badly to be good at this. I wanted to instantly be able to crank out spectacular posts with […]