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Painting Bathroom Cabinets

Hey y’all! 🙂 I shared a little bit about this on Friday, but I’ve been working on painting our upstairs bathroom cabinet. Yeah, I know that we’ve got big plans for the condo and especially for the kitchen, but those plans are delayed until next month so I looked at what else was on the […]

Painting the Counter – Faux Granite

Hi – Welcome to! Check out some more fun projects here! Hey y’all! When I posted about our bathroom makeover, I told you that there was a major transformation that took place that I would have to address in a separate post. So here it is – I painted the counter! Let’s be really […]

Half-Bath Updates

half bath

The half bath is one of my favorite rooms in our place. Is that sad? I just love how it has changed over time! When I closed on the condo, it looked like this: I know that the picture does not show the whole room very well, so I’ll paint you a word picture – […]