Half-Bath Updates

The half bath is one of my favorite rooms in our place. Is that sad? I just love how it has changed over time!

When I closed on the condo, it looked like this:

Half Bath

I know that the picture does not show the whole room very well, so I’ll paint you a word picture – Bamboo shades over a foot too long hung over the window. The walls looked like they had not been painted since the builder painted them, so now the white looked dirty and sad. The mirror was the standard rectangle clipped to the wall, and the vanity had a standard white top and a faded wood base. The closet for the washer and dryer (on the wall to the right out of the frame of the picture above) had wood bi-fold doors that collided with the room’s door. It just looked like a half bath that had come with all of the standard stuff… 25 years before.

Here it is when I actually moved in (after we removed the bamboo shades and the mirror):

Half Bath


The poor half-bath was the only room other than the kitchen that did not get painted before I moved in. The only thing that I did do right away was to remove the bi-fold doors, which meant that the laundry area closet needed something to cover the wide opening.  My Mom found some striped sheets with fun gold, pink, and greenish-blue stripes and offered to make me curtains for the laundry area and the window – I was so excited! My grandma graciously stepped in and helped my Mom make the curtains, and my Mom also found a new mirror and painted it bronze.  I painted the room a blue-green to match the curtains and my sister replaced the light fixture, mounted the curtain rods, and helped me put in new oil-rubbed-bronze hardware (hand towel holder and toilet paper holder). The combination made for a stark contrast!

Half Bath

Half Bath

Half Bath

(my attempt to get a picture of the curtains in the mirror)


The room stayed pretty much the same until the spring of 2011. My Mom was working at Lowe’s and called to tell me that she found a great vanity being clearanced out and she had bought it for me. Sweet! The only problem was that the existing vanity was solid from the sink to the floor and the new vanity had an open bottom, so the flooring would have to be patched at a minimum, but more likely completely replaced since it was linoleum. I decided to go for it and give the little room a big change. I called my handyman and we worked up a plan for him to take out the existing vanity, toilet (it had been having serious issues), and linoleum floor and put in a new toilet, new tile flooring, and the new vanity. The end result was worth it!

Around the same time as the remodel, I had gotten addicted to interested in Pinterest and had started pinning pictures of bathrooms. I had been more focused on my (master) bathroom, but I used what I was learning/discovering in the half bath as well. I had come to realize that I liked the look of light, crisp, beachy bathrooms. Here are some of my favorites (they can be found on my Bathrooms board on Pinterest along with others):

Katie Bower Bathroom (http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/house-tour/our-first-house/)

Bathroom from Katie Bower – I love the cubes over the toilet and how crisp and clean it all looks!


Coastal Bathroom

Coastal Bathroom from Just a Girl Blog – I love, love, love this bathroom!


Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom from Tellerallabout.wordpress.com – I love this whole bathroom! The picture below is from that post too.


Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom from Tellerallabout.wordpress.com – I love this whole bathroom! The picture above is from that post too.


So… based on the images above I wanted to change some things around to make the half bath more my style. I didn’t want to repaint (even though I wish it was a lighter color) and I had a limited budget, so I made some smaller changes:

1. I added cubes above the toilet (copying emulating Katie Bower)


Cubes over the Toilet

2. I brought in some beach elements through a framed beach picture and a starfish.

beach print

3. I brought in more neutral, crisp accessories – like the creamy soap pump and vase on the vanity, and the white candle holders on the cubes.

Vase and Candle

4. I made a diffuser (following the directions on Young House Love).

5. I re-painted the mirror a darker (oil-rubbed) bronze to match the light fixture and hardware on the towel holder, toilet paper holder, as well as the new faucet and handles.

6. I switched out the curtains for some mocha ones from Anna’s Linens.





















So overall, I’m really happy with how it looks now:



Don’t you love the vanity?

half bath


There are still some things that we would like to accomplish in the half bath:

1. When the vanity was installed, it left an open spot in the baseboard that the old vanity had covered up. Last month my awesome brother-in-law put in baseboard to fill the gap, and I need to fill in the nail holes, caulk the tiny gap remaining, and paint it to match the rest of the trim.


2. The door does not close correctly, so we need to figure out how to fix that.

3. I would like to use one of our Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards to get a different soap pump. I like the neutral color on the one in there, but I don’t like how the silver sticks out like a sore thumb. I had an oil-rubbed bronze one in there, but it was too dark next to the faucet and the mirror.

4. I want to clean out and organize the laundry area. Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s not included in the pictures….

5.  We could possibly add a rug under the window, but I’m not really sure about this one. A rug won’t fit in front of the sink because of the door’s path, but I think that a rug would help finish things off.



While I’m sure we’ll keep tweaking things, this room is one of the most “finished” rooms in the house. It’s about as good as it’s going to get  – and I’m happy with that!

*As a side note: Clorox Toilet Wands (seen next to the toilet) are wonderful and worth every penny.



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  • lindsay

    where did you buy this vanity from and whats the width of this vanity? thanks a lot!

    • http://www.mrsbomb.com Helen

      Hi! I got it from Lowe’s a few years ago but they were clearancing them out so I don’t think they’ll have it anymore. It’s 30 inches wide across the top. Thanks!