Seattle: Thursday

In case you missed it, I gave a recap of our first two days in Seattle here.

Our Thursday started off just like our Wednesday – Matt got up and went to his meetings while I went to a coffee shop with WiFi to work remotely. First, I went to Caffee Migliore, which I really liked but they didn’t have anywhere that I could sit close enough to an outlet (and my work computer’s battery life is non-existent) so I just drank my mocha there and then headed back to the Starbucks where I’d been the day before.

Caffee Migliore

I left Starbucks around lunch time, picked up a salad from Mel’s Market and finished working in the hotel room. I squeezed in a quick workout on the elliptical in the hotel gym before Matt came back from his meetings. Once he got back, we hurried to catch the ferry across the Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island. When Matt had been researching before our trip, he found out that the ferry port in Bainbridge Island is actually in Winslow, WA! We were excited to go to a town with such a cool name đŸ˜‰

As soon as we got off the ferry we met up with Trevor, who works for Golden Guru. He and Matt work together a lot … so much so that Matt said he may talk to Trevor more than he talks to me (at least during work hours!). He took us to Doc’s Marina Grill, which hit the spot! It was fun to get to know Trevor and meet his wife and kids. We had a blast!

After dinner, Trevor took us back to the ferry terminal, but we had just barely missed the ferry and had about 45 minutes until the next one. Thursday was the rainiest day of our trip (most other days were really nice) so it was drizzling but we still wandered through Winslow in our time before the next ferry. đŸ™‚

Matt on Winslow Way

Helen on Winslow Way

Winslow Drug

Winslow Drug 2

(Matt’s Dad is a pharmacist so we made sure to take this for him!)

"The Winslow"

Apartment Buildings

After we wandered through beautiful Winslow, we walked back to the ferry station and caught the next ferry. It was so nice to have time with Matt to sit and talk and dream without worrying about where we needed to be next or what was on the to do list. It finally felt like vacation had begun!

As we got closer to Seattle we got to see the night skylight. It was pretty incredible…

Skyline at Night

Night Skyline

Night Skyline

Night Skyline

Night Skyline

Night Skyline


Sorry about the quality of the pictures…I’m still learning how to use the camera.