Friday {2/13/15}

Hi y’all!

Yep, I’m still here! We’ve got some construction going on at the condo so I don’t have any fun projects to share but I thought I’d at least share some of the things we’ve had going on in the past several weeks.

ONE. January seemed full of work for both me and Mat, but thankfully I discovered the wonder of a standing desk at work. I can’t use it regularly, but on a sunny Saturday, it was really nice to be able to stand up and at least see outside! 🙂

Standing Desk at Work

TWO. Matt won a contest in Boston and I am SO proud of him!



THREE. We got to see Rend Collective in concert and it was amazing!

Rend Collective


FOUR. Trixie is still as sweet and snuggly as ever!

Snuggly Trixie

FIVE. This ugly window thing is going bye-bye!

Ugly Bedroom Window

SIX. Very old termite damage was found in our condo building and they’re in the middle of fixing it. Thankfully, it’s something that the HOA is taking care of, but it’s just a little crazy right now in our house. They’re redoing our entire deck as well as some framing and drywall on our back walls, which includes replacing a door and two windows.

We’ve got cracks from where our drywall has buckled when they literally jacked up lower units –

IMG_2098 (Crack in Drywall)

And everything from the office and part of the living room is piled into our downstairs bedroom – IMG_2103 (Downstairs BR)

That’s the highlights and the craziness! I’ll be back with some projects and fun stuff when our condo is a little less of a wreck with the work being done.

Happy Friday! 🙂