Kitchen Makeover

Hey y’all! I’ve finally got some pictures to share from the work that we’ve done in the kitchen! Back in February, Matt and I talked about making some changes around the condo and specifically in the kitchen; you can read more about the plans in this post. We repainted the kitchen cabinets (here) in April and the walls (here) in May. Then at the beginning of June, Matt and I worked to rip out the existing tile in the living room; when my sister and brother-in-law came the next week, they helped us rip out the linoleum in the kitchen. They installed new flooring and Ikea butcherblock countertops over the next few days while they were in town. I wish I could tell you more about how they did it, but I had to work most of the time; they’re they’re very, very good at what they do! Matt and I still want to put up a subway tile backsplash on the wall behind the sink and I need to patch the exposed drywall on the opposite side because the old counter had a lip that the butcherblock does not. It’ll get done! But without further ado, here are the pictures!

Kitchen Updates -

  Kitchen Updates -   Kitchen Updates -   Kitchen Updates -   Kitchen Updates - Kitchen Updates -

Kitchen Updates - is where the drywall needs to be patched.)

  A few weeks in, the counter next to the stove where I usually chop/prep for dinner has some discoloration. I always use a chopping block but I think it stayed wet for too long a few Saturdays ago. I was worried about it but then Matt said that it gives it character and I agree. We can always sand it down and get the marks out if we want. I still love it! Kitchen Updates - Kitchen Updates - I’ll share more pictures of the living room in the next week or so, but here’s a sneak peak for now – Kitchen Updates -


Kitchen Updates -