Monday Roundup

Hi y’all,

I couldn’t think of a better name for this post, but I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things that I’ve seen on the internet this week.

(1) Challenged and inspired me – Shauna Niequist’s “On Laundry & Love Stories

She writes – “what I’m learning is that being connected in a deep way is so much more valuable than being well-organized, efficient, buttoned-up and tidy” and “… laundry can wait, but a love story needs to be written a little bit every day.”

I shared this with Matt because I want him to keep me accountable. Sometimes I fall into the trap of wanting to just make sure that we are taken care of as opposed to focusing on our relationship. The whole post is wonderful and challenging and I’d encourage you to to read it.


(2) Made me long for simplicity / made me want to do a massive spring cleaning – The Nester’s “How to Edit a Room


I was re-introduced to this post through Hope*ologie, the site that The Nester has put together along with her sister and her father; the site is truly wonderful and I am loving their writing, sharing, and challenging. But back to the original post – it’s all about editing and simplifying your rooms. I love her suggestion to put everything you’re not using out of sight for a few months and if you don’t miss it, get rid of it.


(3) Beckoned me to build/craft something – Thrify and Chic’s DIY Herringbone Art Using Wood Shims


DIY Herringbone Pattern Wall Art using wood shims


Isn’t it stunning? I love how easy shims are to work with, so I really hope that I get to try my hand at this one!


(4) Funniest thing I saw all week – Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone

I have no words.


OK, tha’ts all I’ve got. I just wanted to share these few things because they inspired me, challenged me, or just plain made me laugh! 🙂


Happy Monday, y’all!