Friday {4/25/14}

Happy Friday y’all!

I missed last Friday’s post because I was so finished on painting our kitchen cabinets, but now they’re all done so we’re back more towards normal. Speaking of the kitchen cabinets, they’re on my list of highlights from this week –

ONE. Our cabinets are DONE! I got the last coat of paint on last weekend and the cabinets re-hung this week. You can see more pictures here and I hope to  post this week to show you more after the walls are repainted.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets -
















TWO. We have the prettiest tree blooming in our neighborhood. I googled and found out that it’s called a Kwanzan Cherry tree. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Friday -













 Friday -















THREE. Today has been wonderful because I didn’t have to go into the office but had a work outing instead that was only a few hours in the middle of the day. Sleeping in, going for a run, spending a few hours with coworkers, and then running errands and done for the day? Count me in! 🙂 Plus, Matt left me flowers before he left this afternoon for an overnight camping trip. He is the sweetest! 🙂

FOUR. Matt got our picture ledges put up in our bedroom this week! The picture isn’t great but I’m really loving them.

Friday -

FIVE. I get this little (freshly groomed) cutie all to myself tonight while Matt is camping. I plan on getting some good snuggles in after I work on a little kitchen painting.

Friday -




















What do y’all have going on this weekend? Fun plans? 🙂

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