Friday {4/4/14}

OK… confession time. I’m so frustrated that today will make the third Friday post in a row because I’ve got some great stuff to share! Hopefully next week’s rhythm will include some more blogging after a busy week at work and the plague stomach bug striking us last week. Until then, I can at least share some pics from this week!

ONE. It finally feels like spring! As part of that, I’ve been adding some fun spring-y touches around the house, including two colorful pillows that I whipped up from placemats from Target. The one with a single flower looks so good in our bedroom that I bought another placemat so that I can make a second one to match!

Pillow 1

Pillow 2


TWO. I had a rough week at work with quarter-close, but Matt has been awesome and even picked up a pizza on Wednesday so that we could eat together at home before meeting with our small group.

Pizza from Matt


THREE. Last night we had dinner with friends and we brought brownies –



Which we are all still enjoying today –


FOUR. I’ve been working on cleaning up the attic and stumbled on a box of frames that I had stuck in there. I found this sweet frame from my sister — it’s definitely not going to stay in the box! 🙂

Me and Bekah

FIVE. Last Saturday we started the process of repainting the kitchen cabinets. We got the frames mostly done over the weekend (I did the final coat on Monday night) so we just have the doors left to do. Since we’re going out of town this weekend, we won’t get started until at least Monday but we’re already thrilled with the difference we can tell it’s making!

We’re heading to THE BEACH this weekend! I can’t wait! My birthday is on Monday so we’re going to celebrate this weekend and I’m so thrilled! 

Do you have fun plans for the weekend? I hope that it’s wonderful! 🙂

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