Gift Wrap Storage – Part 2

OK, so when I ended the first post on this gift wrap area, I had marked on the door where the screws holding up the rails should go. The next day, I used wood screws to hang the rails. Since the doors are hollow, I didn’t need to drill – I just tapped a small nail into the door at the spot I’d marked, took the nail out, and put in the screws.

After I got the rails hung up on the door, I hung a Bygel basket on each of the two bottom rails to hold my cards.  I like keeping some blank cards around – it’s nice to be able to grab one in a pinch.

Cards in Basket

Once I actually got the cards into the basket, I realized that it wasn’t going to work. The sides of the basket were too low and the cards flopped forward. I mulled it over and kept working on assembling the rest of the storage space.

Closet door

The wrapping paper rolls got clipped onto the lowest shelf using the clips from the Dignitent curtain hooks. It looks like Ikea doesn’t sell those specific hooks anymore, but I would think that any curtain hooks will do. I slipped the clip part of the hook off and put it on an s-hook because the s-hooks fit on the bar better. If you look at Mrs. Limestone’s plan (here), you’ll see that she put the clips directly onto the rail.

Wrapping Paper


Wrapping Paper

I put S-hooks on the top rail and used them to hold the gift bags. While I was happy with how I had hung the bags, I wasn’t happy with how far the gift bags were sticking off of the closet door.

Gift Bags

It may not be obvious from the picture, but they were sticking several inches off of the door and could easily get in the way when trying to close the door.

So I looked around inside the attic for a place I could put the gift bags on a longer hook. I found a spot just inside the door where the attic wall angled back behind the shelves.

Space for Bags

I got the hook in the wooden beam and the gift bags on the hook:

Gift Bags


Once I was happy with the way the bags were stored, I turned my attention back to the door.

To be continued…