High Five for Friday (10/25)

Happy Friday! 🙂

I didn’t do the usual Friday post last week because we were in FL visiting my family and I wanted to be able to focus on being with them rather than blogging. It was a good break since keeping up with my 31 days posts has been time-consuming; I’m still enjoying it but I’m relieved that it’ll be completed in less than a week!

Moving on to the highlights of the week…

1. On Saturday we did the Savage Race in FL with my brother, sister, brother-in-law, and friend. It’s a 7.1 mile obstacle mud run and it was AWESOME. We had SO much fun!

Me and Bekah before the raceMe and Bekah on the way to the race! She looks so glamorous even before a mud run!

Me and Matt before the raceMe and Matt on the way to the race!

Savage RaceThe whole gang before we started!

Savage RaceMatt and me after one of the water obstacles

Savage RaceAction shot – crawling under barbed wire.

Savage RaceSuper muddy!

Savage RaceDone!

Savage RaceFinishers!


2. While we were in FL we ate at Cracker Barrel and they had their Christmas decorations out. Normally it would stress me to see Christmas decorations in October but I’ve been writing about preparing for Christmas in my 31 Days series, so it was fun to see that I’m not the only one with Christmas on the brain! Don’t you love their glittery tree?!

Tree at Cracker Barrel
3. The weather has really turned colder so it truly feels like fall! We’ve been enjoying “sweatpants weather” and snuggling on the couch. Plus… look what’s in the stores! YES!!

Peppermint Mocha Creamer


4. My sweet friend Ashley gave me a perpetual calendar like this one a few years ago and it sits on my desk at work. I loved the quote from Wednesday this week.
October 23
5. On Tuesday night, I made mini apple pies in a jar. It was my first time baking anything in a jar and thankfully it was easier than I thought it would be! They came out yummy and my coworkers really enjoyed their mid-week sweet treat!

Pie in a Jar - MrsBomb.com


Do y’all have fun plans for the weekend? Matt and I have a date night tonight and I am PUMPED! 🙂 Poor Matt has been sick most of this week with a nasty cold so it’ll be good to relax and enjoy being together.


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