Being Realistic

When Matt and I talk about the condo, we like dream about what we could do – it would be nice to make big changes. But we have to be realistic. There are some things that we have to keep in mind:

1. The condo isn’t ever going to be our dream house. It’s a second floor condo in a decent neighborhood. It meets our needs, and we’re grateful for it, but if and when we get the chance to move, we absolutely will. We eventually want a house with a garage and a yard, and no amount of work can turn a condo into a house. As we dream of “wouldn’t it be nice,” we have to realize that most of those ideas won’t happen in the condo.

2. We plan on moving in a few years. The condo is not our dream house, and it’s also not somewhere that we want to be for more than a few years.

3. We may rent the condo after we move out. We like the idea of keeping the condo as a rental property after we move into a different place. So as we look at what changes and updates to make in the condo, we have to be realistic. We have to realize that while we may not be living in the condo, we could still own it in the future and some investments are worth it. This means that we shouldn’t take shortcuts (for example – repairing a broken toilet instead of replacing it like we should) based on the assumption that we will be moved out by the time someone has to pay our dues for the shortcut. We need to strike a balance between taking shortcuts (banking on the hope that we won’t be here), and making long-term investments (in case we still own the condo).

3. The neighborhood limits the condo’s value. While the neighborhood where we live is safe and in a great location, there are newer, nicer neighborhoods right around the corner. Additionally, we have one of the biggest units in the neighborhood. Those two facts really limit the condo’s value. While we want to keep finding ways to make the condo better, we have to be realistic and try to not invest more money in the condo than we could get out.

So as we get used to being a married couple living togetherwe’ll have to be realistic – balancing our desire to be moved out and renting the condo to someone else with the fact that we live here now. I don’t want us to live so much in the future that we ignore some easy fixes/improvements we could do now to make the condo a more comfortable and pleasant place to live. I also don’t want us to live so much in the present that we invest too much time and money into a place that is temporary.

So for now, our philosophy is going to be to work with what we’ve got. Coming up – working with our closet and bathroom!

Closet and Bathroom