My Thoughts on Pinterest and Blogs

I guess it was 2009 or early 2010 that I started reading some blogs. When a friend introduced me to, I was hooked. I started devouring blogs that talked about DIY, decorating, projects…. I loved that I could follow instructions and do things to make my condo look better and feel more like a home. I was going from an ugly condo and I wanted to do things to make it something I could be proud of.

As I started reading these blogs, I started a Word document of projects that I was interested in trying. I would copy and paste the web address and a picture of the project. I had pages and pages in more than one Word document, and while I didn’t like that method, I didn’t want to lose track of the projects that I wanted to try.

Then I someone told me about Pinterest.

No more Word documents.

Suddenly, I could put all of the projects that I wanted to do on a website!

As I perused Pinterest, I found more DIY blogs, and I started consuming more and more of them. As I started to see all of these wonderful things that others had done, something happened – I started to feel like I should do all of these things too. I started comparing myself to the portrayals of women that I saw on Pinterest and DIY blogs.

I think that, like most other things around us, what we see on blogs and on Pinterest can be a danger and a distraction. It can be a time-waster. We can spend hours perusing , daydreaming, and planning. I would never deny that. We can become consumed by what we think we “need” to purchase or to do or to be. I fell victim to that trap. It’s easy to start thinking that others have it all together and that we do not yet measure up to the way these mystical put-together “others” live. But that’s a problem with our thinking, not a problem with the internet or a specific website.

My hope for everyone (myself included) is that we can take what we see online for what it’s worth, realizing that to compare ourselves to the “others” that we see online is a very sad and dangerous thing. We all have our own strengths and abilities given to us by God so that we can fulfill the purposes and plans that He has for us.

(Becka Robinson has a great post about the comparison trap here. )

While Pinterest can be a distraction and can cause us to fall into the comparison trap, I am a big fan of the website because I believe that Pinterest can be a great tool.

You can find ideas and answers to questions – and not just from commercial sites but from blogs. You can see pictures of what regular people have done and (with just a click or two) find out how they did it. You can keep track things that you have done or would like to do. You can collect images of what inspires you or moves you.

At first, I only put specific things on Pinterest – projects that I was planning on trying in the foreseeable future. I’ve moved away from that and now I put ideas, inspiration, and reference. I used to have just a few boards, but now I’ve created more and more.

My Pinterest Boards

My Pinterest Boards

I have some boards that are for a specific room, some for cooking and recipes, and some for projects down the road. I even have a “Maybe Later” board for projects and ideas that don’t fit in with my needs and/or where I’m living right now, but that I want to save for future reference.

There are some tricks and tips I have for using Pinterest, and I’ll share them in a later post. Stick around!