Picture Ledges!

Hey y’all! I hope it’s been a great week so far! Ours has been pretty busy but good and I’m very excited because my brother is coming into town today! He has a wedding in Durham tomorrow night so he’s coming to stay with us for the weekend. Hooray!

I mentioned on last week’s High Five for Friday that we got some picture ledges put up over the weekend, and I wanted to share with y’all a little more about them.

So when I first moved into the condo, this is what the living room looked like – and it was worse than it looks in the picture, trust me. After I’d been in the condo for a few months, it looked a little bit better

Downstairs Progress

I hung one of those collage frames to the left of the TV, but then I decided to change it up and I did a gallery wall. The only picture that I can find is an old one from a phone; it ended up looking a lot better than this with more variety mixed in (and less tabletop frames), but this will give you an idea –

Collage Wall

Over Christmas, I had some time at home and I took down all of the pictures from the wall and patched it up. At first, I thought that I was just going to redo the gallery wall to include wedding pictures, pictures of me and Matt, pictures he loved, etc. As I patched all of the existing holes in the wall, I realized that we probably want to do something different since we’re planning on moving in the year or two. I poked around on Pinterest and stumbled on picture ledges. I talked it over with Matt and he liked the idea! Score! I saw options for building them, but Matt’s Mom agreed to pick some up for us while she was at Ikea. And then the ledges sat in our living room from May through August. And yeah, it took me from Christmas until May to figure out what we should do and how. Just keeping it real, that’s what happened.

But back to the ledges… we finally had time to hang them last weekend and this is what the wall looked like before we got started –

Picture Ledges - Wall Before

Picture Ledges - Wall Before

{Yup, our living room was is a mess!}

I made templates by tracing the ledges onto newspaper and then used painter’s tape to put them up on the wall; this gave us a rough idea of where we wanted them. We didn’t want them lined up directly on top of each other so we staggered them across the area between the lamp and the TV.

Picture Ledges - Wall Marked

I didn’t take any pictures during the hanging process, but it was pretty easy*. We ended up putting the top shelf lower than what you see in the picture above. First Matt held it where he thought it would look right and I took a step back to look at it, and then we switched. When we had it where we wanted it, we placed a level right on the ledge and Matt held it straight while I marked through the pre-drilled holes in the ledge onto the wall. Then we just had to screw the anchors in!

*Side note: Wall anchors are my nemesis. I hate them. We got the first ledge up no problem, but when we got to the second one, I had a plastic anchor break in the wall. Metal anchors > Plastic anchors. We couldn’t get it out so we had to push it through the drywall, patch that hole (and the hole from the one Matt had already gotten in), and start over with marking the right placement. Matt put in all of the anchors on the bottom shelf – that’s why he’s the bomb! 

Here they are as of this morning!

Picture Ledge

Picture Ledge

Picture Ledge

So on the top shelf, we’ve got a sea fan that I spray painted white; I took a frame that I had on hand and painted the glass with chalkboard paint and then attached the sea fan. The gorgeous art to the right of that was a wedding gift from our friends Stacy and Matt. She made it using dates and words/phrases that are important to me and Matt. I love it! 😀

Picture Ledge

Also on the top shelf, I’ve got a framed postcard print of Crescent Lake in WA that we got when we were there in June. Next to it is a framed card (“Two Peas in a Pod We Are!”) that I got from BHLDN

Picture Ledge

Here’s a closeup of the card from their website (all of the ones that come in that set are SO cute) –



 On the bottom shelf, there’s a framed engagement picture that Matt’s awesome sister Whitney gave us as a wedding gift. Next to it sits a “W” from Hobby Lobby that I spray-painted white.

Picture Ledge

Also on the bottom shelf, I’ve got a print that I got for free on a cruise (I went to an on-board art auction with my grandparents). I just love the colors! All the way to the right is a canvas I had made from a picture I took on one of my trips to Uganda.

Picture Ledge

I feel like this has developed into the little “projects” corner of the living room – the painted ottoman sits below the ledges and on the TV stand I’ve got my weighted monkey’s knot

Picture Ledge

Picture Ledge

Oh, since I’m doing pictures, let me give you a sneak peak of the mantle!


I’ve got some more that I want to do with it, but I’m excited about how it’s shaping up.

All right – that’s all I’ve got for now! 🙂


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  • http://cupcakesandcrinoline.com Mary Beth|Cupcakes and Crinoline

    I love your picture ledges ~ how funny that we both had ledges on our mind this week! Have a great visit with your brother and thanks for linking up this week.

    • http://www.mrsbomb.com Helen

      I know – I couldn’t believe it when I saw that you were posting about picture ledges too! I really hope we can build some next time, but Ikea will do for now 🙂 Thanks for hosting the party!

  • http://www.re-creations.biz Amberly Steele

    This is really cute!

    • http://www.mrsbomb.com Helen

      Thanks Amberly!

  • http://kissesfromhome.com Kisses From Home

    I like how you put things together on the shelves. 🙂
    and girl, am I glad to see you at SETTİNG FOR FOUR ! happy home making


    • http://www.mrsbomb.com Helen

      Thanks! I’m sure they’ll change over time but I’m happy with them for now! 🙂 Happy Friday!

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  • Stacy

    Thanks for the shout out!! Love the ledges too. Great job! We have the same ones in white and they work for now. Someday I would love to make our own too!

    • http://www.mrsbomb.com Helen

      Thanks Stacy! The art that you made us is definitely my favorite 🙂 I hope someday we can both make our own ledges 🙂

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