Two People and One Condo

I’m learning that it’s an adjustment when two people start living under one roof.

During our engagement when I would think about Matt moving in after the wedding, I naively thought that it wouldn’t be much of an adjustment. I’d had four different roommates in the condo already, and I knew that my best friend was going to be the best roommate yet. I was right – he IS the best roommate yet. But it has still been an adjustment.

See, with the previous roommates, we knew that it was temporary. They knew that they would only be there for a short time, and most of their belongings were somewhere else. With their stuff being at a minimum (and for the most part contained to the upstairs bedroom), my stuff had free reign and could spread all over the house.

Now that has changed.

First of all, Matt came with stuff. Even though he is a guy (an extremely low-maintenance one at that), he comes with stuff. He needs things, and those things need somewhere to be stored.

Just keeping it real… this is what the downstairs bedroom looks like.

Second of all, we got wedding gifts. Apparently people like us, because they gave us a lot of awesome wedding presents. It’s incredible! But it requires some work in figuring out what should go where now in the space that we have. I don’t want to complain because it’s an awesome dilemma to have, but it is something to work through nonetheless.

Third, we moved to the upstairs bedroom and bathroom. We did this because it is right off of the loft, which makes it feel more like a “Master Suite,” but the bathroom and the closet are both smaller than the ones downstairs. So there is less space than I used to have downstairs…and there are two of us. Can you see how this necessitates some thinking, organizing, rethinking, reorganizing and rearranging?

I’m going to try to “document” (via this blog) our journey as we try to go from a bachelor living with roommates and a single girl living with her brother to a married couple living together. It’s going to be fun! 🙂